Woking together for INDIA Fit for Children


Shree Kant Sharma (Jaipur)
I always wanted to change certain things in my life. I am habitual of abusive language, thrill to disobey, being negligent, whining and complaining; but it was after my encounter with Mr. A.P.S Sodhi when I decided to break free from all these practices. Now I think positive, stay inspired and try my best to achieve goals.
Luvrishi Gulati (Jaipur)
I have a long list of bad habits to narrate like smoking, drinking, rude manners etc. But I have quit all of them since the time I have joined SARSO. The support and encouragement I receive from my SARSO mentors had helped me a lot to stay focused and committed to my dreams.
Suresh Kumar (Jaipur)
I used to get up late in the morning, consume beer at weddings, feel jealous and short tempered quickly; but from now I am going to break all these destructive habits and get my life in shape as guided my SARSO mentor Mr.A.P.S Sodhi.
Pravind Kumar (Jaipur)
I often used to drink beer and smoke cigarette with my friends. But after attending workshops of Mr.Sodhi; I have taken a pledge to give up all these habits. I would also ensure not to think negative in any situation.
Vijay Kumar (Jharkhand)
I had a habitual bad temper, an unpleasant disposition and an argumentative nature. Since the time I have joined SARSO, I have started noticing some drastic changes in my behavior. Now I am a patient listener, a calmer and a positive person. All I want to do is thank my SARSO upline for the immense support.
Niraj Pandey (Patna)
Being in the company of my SARSO upline, I have witnessed a transformation in my attitude. I have started focusing more on positive thoughts and try not to feel fear, worry or anxiety while handling a problematic situation.
Santosh Kumar (New Delhi)
The journey with SARSO has brought a lot of astonishing changes in me. The most important is, I have gained self-confidence and no longer feel hesitate while communicating with people. Also SARSO has helped me to become a good executioner while handling professional tasks.
Soni Bharti (Nagpur)
SARSO has given new shape to my attitude. I have stepped out of my stubborn zone and now consider others opinion too in any discussion. I try to remain positive, and feel inspired or encouraged when I see my peers achieving success rather than getting jealous. I don’t take hasty decisions anymore. My SARSO mentors have helped me to bring these constructive changes.
Prag Singhania (Ranchi)
I must confess that I used to act rudely with my friends and team mates before I attended workshop of Mr. A.P.S Sodhi. There is a transforming change in my behavior now. I am more calm and polite to people around me. There is also a positive change in my working habits as I am much more disciplined about getting my work done.